Concept developer, creative technologist, owner of pattern sock company Soseta3. 


Bogdan Ferariu

I currently work at antoni Berlin (European lead agency for the car division of Mercedes-Benz), as part of a multidisciplinary creative duo, together with my partner Johanna Jaskowska.

This is the short story: creative technologist, concepting, frontend, raspberrypi, arduino, microsoft kinect hackathon 2nd place, dutch open hackathon special mention, 1x mobile fwa, global clients: tommy hilfiger, mini, hermes, mercedes-benz, tedx speaker, entrepreneurial event speaker, aspiring documentary maker, book documentary, 3 and half foreign languages.

This is the long story: 

I graduated in E-Concept development at EAL Academy in Odense, Denmark. After interning for design studio Pulpolab & co-creators of Typeform in Barcelona and later for Converse EMEA in Amsterdam, I went on to top digital agency Artegence in Warsaw, Poland, where I worked for nearly one year and a half as front-end developer (current campaigns and a custom made internet banking platform). 

My next step was to move again in Amsterdam and take a new position of Creative Technologist/Web developer at AKQA. 

I balanced my day job with personal creative work together with friend designers realizing various project, mostly with a focus on local communities. So I have achieved with my friend Jean Popescu the first (unofficial) mobile app of a football club in Romania and popular projects 1dece and joinhora celebrating the National Day of Romania. Nominated for local digital awards and attention on social media we had the great honor to be invited and speak at TEDxBucharest City 2.0 about our work and involvement in the community. 

I continued my code/creative desire and teamed up with friend illustrator Magda Koźlicka and created a bilingual book for kids that we later produced in limited quantity. 

In 2015 I've decided to start my own sock brand having a passion for pattern socks and being annoyed by the situations of lost pairs. After a weekend of concepting with copywriter friend Raluca Popa, I've launched Soseta3 - the online sock shop where each pack comes with 3-socks, in case one goes missing. 

During 2016 I've decided to take on another passion of mine, film-making. So I've enrolled for a 3-months class with Dutch film-maker Juul van der Laan, at CREA department of University of Amsterdam. 

Kids book. Learn numbers. Concept. Illustration: Magda Koźlicka

Kids book. Learn numbers. Concept. Illustration: Magda Koźlicka

First collection launched spring 2016.

First collection launched spring 2016.